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About Us

Physical Therapy Rehab Equipment


Tri W-G has been creating quality medical devices since 1967. Remarkably, some of our earliest equipment is still in service today. That’s because we build every Tri W-G product to last. Our physical therapy rehab equipment, such as, mat tables, physical therapy tables and physical therapy rehabilitation equipment used for hospital architecture design.

At Tri W-G, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to support the care of your patients and your clinicians while also minimizing your organization’s risk. Our commitment to meeting industry safety standards through independent testing has earned our products the right to carry the carry the coveted American Mark of Safety—UL® Classified 60601-1 safety label.

Tri W-G also specializes in Bariatric Rehab Equipment, which includes motorized parallel bars, mat and treatment tables in numerous sizes with weight capacities of 1000 pounds, 10 year limited warranties, and the UL® Classified 60601-1 safety label.